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Case Studies

Case studies describe actual customer engagements, including the issues that arose during an engagement, how these issues were resolved, and the savings that customers achieved.

Recent published articles and comments

Pica Communications is frequently asked to write articles and comment on Microsoft licensing issues.

Office 2013 Licensing for non-Windows Devices (May 2014 TechTarget Article)

Keeping up with Microsoft's Windows 8 Licensing Shifts (April 2014 TechTarget Article)

8 sure-fire ways to screw up a cloud contract

(Nov. 2013 Computerworld article quoting Paul DeGroot, Pica Communications Principal Consultant)

Microsoft's Cloud Focus Giving On-Premises Customers Pause (August 2014 Redmond Channel Partner article quoting Paul DeGroot, Pica Communications Principal Consultant


Pica Communications will be publishing books on various Microsoft licensing topics. Our first book, "Microsoft Licensing Concepts," is available now.

Licensing Notes

Licensing Notes are periodic reports on topical licensing issues that can help Microsoft customers understand Microsoft licensing better. We're not afraid to give our opinions about Microsoft licensing in these articles.

Licensing Briefs

Licensing briefs provide in-depth analysis of specific Microsoft licensing rules. They are usually based on issues that arise during customer engagements or workshops but they may arise from rule changes or trends in licensing. They offer plain-language descriptions of licensing issues and are fully documented, with links to original contract language where it is available.

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