Case Studies

Case studies illustrate some of the work that we've done in various engagements. Many of the engagements outlined here have been done in collaboration with Software Licensing Advisors. This collaboration combines SLA's experience negotiating contracts on behalf of Microsoft and Pica Communications' deep licensing expertise.

Successfully Navigating Merger and Geographic Challenges Results in Massive Savings

A global corporation wants to shift to a less-costly US price list, integrate a large acquisition and reduce IT costs by more than $70 million over three years. With Software Licensing Advisor's assistance, the company's volume licensing agreements are substantially restructured and the company achieves more than 20% of its savings goal through this one contract alone.

Persistence and Clear Roadmaps Deliver Big Discounts

Small firms don't qualify for the big discounts on Enterprise Agreements that larger customers get, but that didn't stop this technical services company from gettinga great discount. The secrets: carefully define your requirements, stick to the roadmap, and you can write the deal.

Knowing the Rules, Beating the Audit

When Microsoft demanded that a customer cough up nearly $200,000 for unlicensed SQL Server use, the customer turned to Software Licensing Advisors, who found that there were other ways to make the customer compliant, including a $0 solution. Knowing the Rules, Beating the Audit

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