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The Worst Licensing Idea Microsoft Has Ever Come Up With?

Our Mission

The mission of Pica Communications is to empower customers to make smart decisions when licensing Microsoft products. We do this in three ways.

Microsoft Negotiations and Licensing Workshops

Many Microsoft customers struggle to justify their ongoing spending, are uncertain about the cloud and other enticements from their Microsoft team, and feel at the mercy of Microsoft and their reseller during negotiations.

Pica Communications' Negotiations and Licensing Workshops bring your team up to speed on the principles of Microsoft licensing, rules and policies for major desktop and server products, and volume licensing programs.

We share the strategies and approaches that have brought our customers substantial savings and greater confidence that they negotiated a favorable deal with Microsoft. Attend one of the workshops held around the country or order one up for your company, for delivery at your site.

Advisory and Consulting Services

We optimize Microsoft licensing, ensuring that our customers get the most out of their Microsoft investment, without over- or under-licensing, at the lowest cost. Other services include retainer contracts that provide as-you-need-it expert advice and Enterprise Agreement negotiation services

Writing and Other Resources

The full impact of Microsoft's licensing policies can't be understood by just reading the rules. They have broad impacts on organizations and even the IT industry itself. Our commentaries, published on this site and elsewhere, give you unique insight into licensing issues.

Our Resources page provides additional background and tools for anyone who needs to dive more deeply into Microsoft licensing.

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