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Pica Communications' offers nearly 30 course modules that cover licensing for the most significant Microsoft products and services:

Our courses are based on more than a decade of independent research and offer an unbiased and unfiltered view. Microsoft does not review or endorse these workshops.

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Washington, DC
Oct. 3-5, 2017

Microsoft Licensing and Negotiations Workshop
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Why attend a Microsoft Licensing Workshop?

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Getting Microsoft licensing right is a team effort. Don't make the common mistake of assuming that one person can do it all.

Ignorance about Microsoft licensing in any of these (and other) roles can add millions to costs and create compliance nightmares.

What attendees say about Pica Communications Licensing Workshops

"I wanted to share my experience with applying the knowledge I learned during your event. Our EA is expiring at the end of this month, and I was able to save $1.6M on a $6M deal over three years. I identified which products we could drop SA on and used this as leverage to get their price down. Gartner just reviewed our deal and said it was very good."
Manager, IT sourcing and Administration, medical supply company

"I’ve been managing Microsoft agreements for about 15 years now. Paul is the most knowledgeable and has the greatest ability to communicate MS licensing complexities in a way that is understandable that I’ve come across thus far in my career."
IS&T Contracts Analyst, Healthcare organization

"I don't believe you can get this much information about negotiating strategies anywhere else."
Strategic Partner Manager, Building supplies corporation

Doing a Microsoft licensing class, and while it's much smaller than the Directions course I took last time, I have to say I like this one a great deal better. Shout out to Paul DeGroot at Pica....Well done
William Bishop, Administrator at Huntsville Health Systems (via Facebook)

"Even though I have access to Microsoft Licensing experts through my LAR, it wasn't making sense, they were not providing me with the "big" picture. This finally puts a lot of that into perspective."
Belinda Armstrong, Love's Travel Stops

"The presentation and the knowledge provided were incredible. Real-life examples helped me connect the dots."
Collin Burnett, Build and Deployment Specialist, Costco Wholesale

We are already using this information to make a difference here at our organization. I can’t thank you enough for sharing such excellent information with us.
Analytics & IT Resource Manager, County hospital Center

"The presentations and materials were great. I can take these with me and apply them at work"
Procurement & Asset Management Analyst at a 20,000-employee media corporation

"Great content overall, and Paul's knowledge inside the world of licensing is amazing, but it doesn't end there--his knowledge, experience, and expertise around cutting-edge technology concepts ties everything up, making it a well-rounded session overall."
Omeir Yusuf, Bank of Montreal

I found Paul's relaxed, friendly, and engaging style perfectly suited the subject matter. It was an excellent course--the information was precisely what I needed, all questions were answered, and there was a perfect balance of instruction and class interaction. Simply put, the information Paul presented was invaluable and something every organization can--and should--immediately benefit from.
Andrew Pitstra, Cameco Corporation
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