License Spending Optimization

Many organizations struggle to come up with the best way to purchase the Microsoft licenses they need.

Microsoft and their reseller can be very helpful, but their primary interest is in selling software.

Pica Communications' primary interest is in ensuring that customers are happy with the value they get for the money they spend on software. It may mean spending more; it may mean spending less.

In many of our licensing engagements we have found solutions that can drop millions of dollars from the customer's software budget without significant impact on the customer's IT goals.

Factors we take into consideration include the following:

  • The nature of your business and how it uses technology
  • The structure of your company's IT organization
  • How your organization makes IT decisions
  • What you have already invested in software and hardware
  • Applications that are most critical to your business operations
  • Your current license entitlements
  • New technologies or solutions that you think could drive business success
  • Your time frame for deployment of upgrades or new technology
  • Microsoft's product release roadmap
  • Competitive alternatives that could reduce costs
  • Workarounds that can help you achieve an objective at lower cost, while remaining compliant

Other services that are part of our License Spending Optimization program include:

  • Purchasing options that Microsoft and resellers usually ignore, since they don't generate as much revenue or customer lock-in as their preferred solutions.
  • Training and courses that help you understand Microsoft licensing policies, rules and programs, better equipping you to deal with Microsoft and your reseller and giving you confidence that you're asking the right questions and getting the right answers.
  • Financial models that specifically reflect your company's IT investments and goals, so that you can quantify the benefits of alternative solutions. Should we renew our EA as-is? What do we gain/lose? We crunch the numbers.
  • Support during negotiation to anwer objections from Microsoft and your reseller, strengthen your arguments for discounts or concessions, and analyze proposals from Microsoft and your reseller.

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